Independent London escorts

As much as the escort industry is still largely dominated by agencies which usually connect clients to companions of their choice, the idea of Independent escorts is gradually but steadily gaining traction. Working independently gives you complete control over your business and hence the freedom to choose what is right for you and what is not. You have no power to accept or reject a client without attracting the wrath of any manager somewhere. Although most of the self-regulating workers in this industry are weaned into the trade through agencies, they can attest to the fact that they feel so liberated the moment they start working for themselves.

Unlike working for escort firms, where the workers can only take orders from their superiors and are sometimes forced to do things against their will, this platform aids Independent escorts to assume full control of all their operations and work for themselves. They are directly paid by their clients; hence they don’t have to depend on salary or commission paid by any agency. This means that they are able to control their finances without having to depend on any employer. If you work for a company, it goes without saying that the company takes the lion share of the money that you make.

Therefore Independent London escorts are likely to make more money since they set their own prices and pocket all the money paid by their clients. Though establishing a steady client base might be initially challenging, the ultimate freedom of being your own boss once clients start flowing is worth the challenges. You choose when to work and when not to. Sometimes agencies may force their girls to go out with people that they don’t like and still be expected to act warm and satisfy the demands of the clients. But as a self-regulating escort, you can decide to reject any client that you don’t feel is not right for you.

Hooking up with Independent girls

In terms of service delivery, Independent escorts are likely to work two times harder to impress and keep clients returning to them since they understand that they don’t enjoy the privilege of an agency doing the advertisements and getting clients for them. This is what keeps more men continue seeking the services of classy call girls who operative on their own. However, unlike when using an agency where the clients call the office and dates with girls of their choice are organised in a matter of minutes; when a man wants to hook up with one of the hot Independent escorts, he must have to contact them directly. It becomes tricky if you don’t have any contacts. This is where we step in to make things smooth.

There is no doubt that the internet has made operations in various industries much easier and things are not any different in the escort industry. Our website can now help you to get the hottest Independent girls of your choice. You can be sure that some of these babes are on and off the industry and a number of them find the idea of working for an agency quite demeaning. They are ladies who are full of life and love the finer things in life. Some come from well to do families, only that they are in the industry to meet interesting men and women to have thrilling fun with. We allow such damsels to post their ads here and hence giving them a platform to connect with partners of their desire.
Why most clients would rather choose Independent companions

There is every reason why you can choose to hire the services of Independent companions as opposed to those from agencies. For starters, the self-regulating ladies have the freedom to be more flexible and versatile. They don’t have to operate under the tight rules and regulations which govern the agencies. Therefore, they can afford to offer their services for longer to whomever they wish without having to be told whom to be with, at what time and when they need to report back to the base. Such freedom allows them to be more free and versatile in their service delivery.

The agency escorts sometimes feel intimidated and used for other people’s benefits. As much as most of them are trained to maintain a cheerful facade, deep inside a number of them are always very unhappy with the way they are treated by their employers. Naturally, you don’t expect an unhappy person to have maximum fun and make you happy. These girls are sometimes too uptight due to the fear that they might end up bungling a date with an important client and attracting the wrath of their bosses. On the other hand, the Independent escorts seek to enjoy themselves on any date without having to worry about upsetting any boss anywhere. This allows them to offer better services to their clients.

The flexibility of the Independent escorts in London allows them to travel to different cities with their clients and don’t have any limit as to how much time they are allowed to spend with them. This allows them to explore available possibilities far and wide. The chance of travelling also gives them enough exposure hence making them open-minded and good company to their clients. They also get more ideas on how they can earn better from their trade hence making them financially independent and happier companions. Remember, the happier your company is the happier and satisfied you are likely to be.

Being a business like any other some escort firms are efficiently run while others are poorly run and their workers are simply used as sex slaves to generate profits for their companies. In such agencies, the ladies are normally mistreated and poorly paid. This is likely to affect the service delivery of such workers. It is not unusual to come across escort company workers who offer their services so coldly and mechanically without making any attempt to connect with their clients. This is probably the biggest reason why many workers in the industry are choosing to work as Independent escorts. We are ready to offer a platform for hooking up such ladies with potential clients here.